Safety First! Neighborhood associations and if necessary the police are good resources for confronting anyone you feel unsafe around. And when you can, model kindness, courtesy, and even generosity.
Ways to be pro-active in building a good rapport with neighbors:
1. Be the first in your neighborhood to welcome new neighbors! Bring a gift or a meal over to introduce yourself.
2. If you are the new neighbor, throw a party to introduce yourself.
3. Inform neighbors when making a change that will affect others: planting or removing trees, fences, even driveways. Always think of those around you.
What to consider when confronting disturbances in your neighborhood:
1. Investigate: Who is making the noise or where is it coming from? Is this a first time disturbance or they do this on a regular basis? Do they have any control over the noise?
2. Consider: Is it bearable? Sometimes knowing how long a noise will last can help. If it gives you ease of mind politely ask your neighbor how long a particular noise will last. Whether it be someone practicing a sport or an instrument.
3. Negotiate: For example if one of your neighbors mows their lawn regularly at an early or really late hour ask them if there is a different time they be willing to do. Offer some suggestions, be understanding, and be willing to come to a middle ground.
4. Model: Again be the example. If you are going to be the one making all the noise in the neighborhood inform your neighbor ahead of time. Check to see if what you will be doing will be a disturbance to them at that time or not. Showing courtesy will likely inspire others to return the favor.

(Reworded from the Houz article: The Polite House: How to deal with Noisy Neighbors)

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