Who Will Take My Listing Photos?

Your realtor or his/her professional photographer will take photos of your home for your listing.  The tips below will help for the best photos possible.

Remember that you want the home to look its very best, so that buyers will want to come see it.  However, you do not want it looking bigger or better than it really is.  That way people are not disappointed that the home doesn’t compare to the photos.  Why waste your own time preparing for showings that will not turn into a sale?

  • Set the scene. Before you take any picture stand in front of you house and make sure everything looks cleaned and manicured.

  • Perfect Timing. Think about what time of day your house looks best in a picture.

  • Consider natural lighting. Before taking a interior picture make sure all the lights are off and curtains are pulled back to let in the sunlight.

  • Horizontal vs vertical shots? View each image and decide what best captures the space you want to feature. Bear in mind that buyers are viewing the photos on a horizontal screen, so vertical photos look smaller, since the sides are blacked out.

  • Clear away any clutter. Critique each photo to make sure there are not any unnecessary cords, wires, trash cans, refrigerator magnets, tissue boxes or other items on counters.

  • Get up close. Capture any details such as original molding or windows that shows off your house’s character.

(Source for photo tips: Readers Digest)