What is Staging?

Staging is a term realtors use to describe the placement of furniture and home decor items in a manner that best shows off the home and its features. Your home is shopping for its “mate”. It’s like a blind date with every buyer who walks through.

Staging is different from Remodeling. Remodeling is permanent, while staging makes the most of what’s already there. Staging involves cleaning, rearranging and decorating, to highlight the best features of a home. Staging is all about removing the clutter of everyday life from your home so that buyers can imagine themselves living there.

When you or your agent hires a stager, and that person suggests changes to your home’s current decor, don’t take it personally. This is not about your lifestyle or your personal taste. You want the home to be as “vanilla” as possible, since that is the “flavor” most easily combined with other “flavors” the buyer might want. Does that make sense? You want to prepare the home for sale so that it will appeal to the largest number of buyers, increasing the chances of selling quickly and for the highest possible price.

As a seller, you can stage your home, or hire a professional stager. A professional will know what furniture placement and decor pieces appeal most to the most people. This is not about the best placement for everyday use, and you may be inconvenienced. However, this is your home’s debut, not it’s every day activity. It’s far less stressful and less emotional to go through this work initially, than to allow inconsiderate buyers to question your taste.

(Adapted from RE/MAX Smart Stager)