What can I do to get our house shown more than it is currently being shown?

Price and pictures are what typically get showings on your home. If there is a buyer in your price range working with an agent in our area, there are many homes to see, probably too many to see them all. To be included on a buyer’s “tour,” you want to be priced not only according to the recent sales of similar homes, but also as good as or better than your competition.

Next, you want your photos to reflect the best features of your home in a manner that makes the buyer want to come see it! Is your home currently vacant? STAGE IT! Ask your realtor if they can get you the names of decorators who can help you. Staging makes so much of a difference not only in photos, but also in the “feel” of your home when the buyer comes through for a showing.

Then, once it has been staged, take new photos and put them everywhere on line. Is your home furnished but not professionally staged? Spend $50 – $150 on an hour of time with a professional decorator to use the furnishings you already own in a manner that will show off the best features of your home.

And finally, ask your agent to let you have a Broker Open House. The agents are the ones working with live buyers. You want the agents to see your home. Invite them over the weekday lunch hour and feed them well. These tips should help get you more showings.

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