Tips for Upgrading your House

Ask yourself what prospective buyers might be searching for in a home. Not sure? The Inspired team would love to help you, and can schedule an appointment, at no charge, to visit and make suggestions for improvements which will help long term.

Below are 10 tips for the best upgrades to increase home value.

1. Knock down a wall and go for open concept. Not only will this create an illusion of a bigger space, but it is a home design trend that is very much in demand today. Just make sure to have the wall assessed for possible electrical wiring or HVAC ductwork housed behind it, before hitting it with a sledge hammer.

2. Update the kitchen.  Replace faucets, fix leaking pipes, restore or replace countertops and repaint cupboards and cabinets. Give worn out furniture a face lift with a fresh coat of paint. Update outdated knobs and light fixtures with modern handles and fixtures to look more expensive.

3. Spruce up the bathroom. Buff up ceramic tiles and replace faucets, shower heads, toilet seats, light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Again painting is a great upgrade. Make it look as good as new.

4. Look for areas of the house with extra wall space. Use this space to add more storage. Install small built-in cabinets, racks or pantries. Making every extra space of the house functional will help make it look more livable.

5. Turn that extra space such as a huge attic or den into another room. Make the room functional by adding a built-in closet and a window.

6. Brighten up the home with a new lighting system. Hire an electrician to place some decorative lighting fixtures or dimmers that will give the house a more modern feel.

7. Freshen up the floors. Make a good impression as soon as buyers step inside the front door. Tiled or hardwood floors need to be cleaned, buffed, or restored until they sparkle. Have carpets professionally cleaned or even replaced to make the home look, smell and feel brand new.

8. Apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls, doors, door frames and baseboards, and even worn out furniture.

9. Add outdoor dining furniture in the front lawn or backyard. These areas can become extended living and dining areas.

10. Hire an electrical and plumbing service to look at the overall state of the house, or order a pre-listing whole house inspection. It is much better to catch problems early on, than to find out much later, when a problem has already worsened, such as replacing the entire plumbing system or rewiring the entire house.


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