Prepare For Showings

OK… so you are preparing the house for buyers to see it. What do you do first, and quite frankly, why is that important?

  1. Clean! Consider hiring a cleaning professional. Remember that your home is shopping for a buyer. Most buyers are too busy in life to think about what it’s like to care for a home, so take away the thoughts of the work they will have to put in, but having it done before they see it.

  2. Declutter! Make it look organized even if it really isn’t. Buyers buy first with their eyes, so fewer things to distract them will make it easier for them to envision themselves in your home.

  3. Remove personal photographs from walls and tabletops. Really? Yes, really. You want the buyer to picture themselves and their loved ones in the home. They can’t do that when they are thinking about what a lovely family this is in the pictures.

  4. Remove oversized and excess furniture and area rugs. While you want to enjoy the home as you always do, the fewer things in the room to distract the buyer’s eyes, the more they can picture how much space is available for them and their possessions.

  5. Keep closets tidy! Prospective buyers will want to see how much closet space there is. We recommend boxing up 2/3 of every closet’s off season items for storage off site. You are moving anyway. Start now, and it will speed your time on market.

  6. Let the sunlight in by opening blinds and curtains. Most buyers love natural light and lots of it.

  7. Replace burned out, dim or flickering light bulbs, and turn on every light in the house, even in the day time. Again, the brightness of every room will help them feel welcome and invited.

  8. Consider replacing dated light fixtures. Yes, the buyer may prefer a different one than the one you select, but if it’s one less thing they think they have to do after purchase, it’s more likely to appeal to the largest number of buyers. You are fishing. Use bait that more types of fish like.

  9. A fresh coat of paint will help renew the look and feel of any room. Pick 2-3 different neutrals to use throughout the whole house. Nothing makes a house feel as clean and fresh as a fresh coat of paint, especially on trim work.

  10. Don’t forget the exterior. This is the buyer’s FIRST impression of your home. Power wash, mow, edge, trim shrubs and add mulch if needed. Again, freshly paint exterior trim work & shutters, and new light fixtures, helps the buyer buy with their eyes before they even enter your home.

(Adapted from RE/MAX Smart Stager)