Loan Application Check List

When it comes to getting pre-approved for your loan, your lender will ask you for the following items. To expedite the process, have the following  information ready when you apply:

Borrower Information:

• Full name
• Marital Status
• Age
• Address
• Previous address (if less than 2yrs at current address)
• Landlord (past 2yrs)
• Phone number
• Place of employment (past 24 months)• Length of employment
• Previous employer (if less than 2yrs at current employer)• Social Security number
• Name and age of dependents


• Base Pay (pay stubs for 1 month)
• Overtime
• Bonuses
• Real estate income
• Interest income
• Alimony/ child support (Copy of Divorce Decree) (Need not be disclosed, if you choose.)                                                                                                                                             
• Other regular income (Social Security, retirement, accounts, etc.)
• Last 2yrs’ W2s and federal tax returns
• Bank statements (past 3 months)



Names and addresses for these accounts will be requires along with account numbers.

• Cash (savings, checking, money market)
• Securities (stock, mutual funds)
• Value of real estate
• Proceeds from sale of current home
• Cash value of life insurance
• Automobiles
• Personal property



You will need the total due, monthly payments, and amount of payments remaining. Names, addresses, and account numbers will also be required.
• Automobile loan
• Bank loan
• Real estate mortgage
• Personal loan
• Notes payable
• Credit cards
• Alimony/ child support
• Outstanding judgements
• Miscellaneous debt
• Bankruptcy and discharge of bankruptcy


(David Brenton’s home buyer information)