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Are you thinking about a career in real estate? There are so many skill sets needed in this industry. Think about your desires. Why do you want to become involved? What about real estate attracts you? If you plan to pursue getting your real estate license, you will want to follow the steps below.

1) Pre-Licensing Class: Enroll in the required pre-license class to learn real estate law, ethics, and more, in preparation for your license exam. Follow the links below to check out local licensing classes.
Diane highly recommends:
Classes to attend in Indiana:
Dr. Beer’s class.
Ivy Tech Real Estate Sales    
IUSB Class Schedule

Online Indiana Classes:
Tucker School of Real Estate

Classes to attend in Michigan:
Acme Institute

Online Michigan Classes:
Kaplan Real Estate Education
Michigan Institute of Real Estate
Real Estate Leadership Academy

2) Licensing Exam: Complete and pass your real estate license exam.

To register to take the exam in Indiana, follow this link:

To register to take the exam in Michigan, follow this link:

Additional Exam Prep available:

3) After you have passed your class and exam, apply for your license.
Follow this Indiana link for information on obtaining your license.
Follow this Michigan link for information on obtaining your license.

What expenses should you expect to begin a career in real estate?
1) Start up: Pre-license class; state exam; license fee. Also to begin you’ll join MLS, pay a membership and application fee, pay for your electronic lock box key and pay for your voice mail. All these fees vary based on which license class you take and what month of the year you join MLS.
2) Regular expenses: MLS monthly fees, income tax, health & auto insurance, personal promotion expenses, yard signs, virtual tours, cell phone, laptop, digital camera, advertising and marketing expenses. Fees again vary based on your specific situation.
Are you already licensed in real estate and looking to make a change in your career path? Diane would love to talk to you about Inspired Homes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment/ send us your resume by emailing us at