Closing Checklist

Now is the time to review the items you will need when you close on your new home. There are several things to consider and coordination of activities is a priority.

  • Get your new home insured for the day of closing and have a copy of this policy and paid receipt ready to present to the title company at closing.

  • Call the utility companies to transfer them into your name for the date of possession

  • Start packing those boxes with non-essential items so the final move will go more quickly and be sure to label the boxes to match the rooms in your new home.

  • Get a change of address package from the post office and prepare a list of all business, family and friends which need to be contacted.

  • Be sure funds necessary to close on your new home are in place. Plan to get a certified check for the amount you will need at closing (or wire funds over $10,000) and have the check made payable to the closing company.

  • Arrange childcare or adult care for day of closing so you are able to focus on the biggest purchase of your life.

  • Confirm the location and time of closing. You will receive an email notifying you of this information, but occasionally last minute situations occur and changes are made.

(Source: David Brenton’s Home Buyer Guide)