Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Choosing the right home to fit your needs is very important as well as the right neighborhood. Previewing a neighborhood prior to touring will help narrow your search. As you scope out the neighborhood take time to evaluate these things when considering your home options.

If necessary is public transportation easily accessible? If your lifestyle requires air travel are you in close proximity to the airport? If you know the location of employment is the travel time reasonable from your desired neighborhood?

Local Businesses:
Check out the area businesses you will use and be a part of such as: bank, doctor’s office, church, restaurants, grocery store, pharmacy, and retail shops. Are these businesses a reasonable distance from your perspective home?

If you have children, learning of the schools in the area will be essential. Do the schools provide transportation? Do the schools have a reputation of providing quality education? What are the costs involved? One way to learn more about a school system is by attending one of their PTA meetings and speaking with other parents already involved. Keep in mind that a good school district increases a home’s resale value, if you desire to sell in the future.

Take a drive or a stroll through the neighborhood. Look for signs of a flourishing community. Examples of this would be: tidy parks, clean streets, and little to no For Sale signs. Are people sticking around or moving out of the area? Does is seem like businesses are open and busy? Do the house and landscapes look maintained and well cared for?

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