Farmer's Market

Step into the South Bend Farmer's Market and your senses will  be captivated by the fragrances of baked pastries and crisp apples, by bouquets of cut flowers and by mounds of fresh vegetables. You will hear, and become part of the conversations of a vibrant market community.

Over the years, the Farmer's Market has been known as the best spot to purchase farm-grown vegetables, a unique variety of cheeses, eggs and meats, fresh fish and lamb, artisan baked goods, maple syrup, the highest quality fruits, homemade candies, floral bouquets, handcrafted jewelry and numerous other items.

Incorporated in 1924, the South Bend Farmer's Market has become one of the largest and most diverse indoor markets in the Midwest. Vendors and customers come from far and near to sell and purchase the quality goods found at the ninety-six stalls that are owned and operated by families, many of whom have sold at the market for generations.

While visiting, be sure to stop by the cafe, located at the center of the market. For over eighty-five years, the Farmer's Market cafe has been known for its outstanding meals, prepared daily from seasonal produce and fresh market meats and cheeses.

The Farmer's Market is a place that allows you to form a personal relationship with the people who produce your food.  This vital connection strengthens the community by preserving a food industry based on family-owned farms and small scale businesses.

Come enjoy the "fruits" of our bountiful, local market.